SelectInterval of DatePicker

Ok, in a search option we have a date where i have put there a datepicker with range interval, I notice that every time the calendar collapses the datepicker values (startdate and enddate) get a reset, is there a way to preserve the values, preventing their reset? 

second is there a way to present in a date input 2 dates? the  (startdate and enddate)  of datepicker? i tried to change the variable to text but then it couldnt open the calender....

Thank You

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Hi Norman,

You can save the StartDate and EndDate of the DatePicker in, for example, local variables using the DatePicker event onSelect. If what you wanted was to preserve the visual selection in the DatePicker when the user re-opens, I dont know a way of doing it in this widget. But you can try this AIR DATEPICKER where that funcionality exists (check "range of dates" example).

About showing the both dates in the input, it's possible by using a text variable like you tried, after that you just need to put the container id of the input in the DatePicker Property ButtonWidgetId. That way you are able to open the calendar again.

In attach there is a example of the things I said above.

Hope it helps!


Miguel Chaparra