Export out different list to same Excel File


I have two lists that come from an aggregate and a SQL Query. For the SQL Query, it will store the output to a structure. 

Now my question is how do I combine these two outputs to a single excel file? As the export to excel function only allowed to assign 1 list.

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Harris Chew

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Hi Chew,

Create A one structure with your columns and use "ListAppendALL" action.

Use this in Recordlisttoexcel and download it.

Hope this will help you


Rahul Sahu


you can do a advance query with both entities, you do a UNION, and with the output you can export to excel.


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he doesn't want to combine rows, he wants to combine columns !

So Chew, if you can't get all the data you need from a single SQL or aggregate, you'll have to fetch some with aggregate and some with sql, and then create a local list that brings both together.  

For the design of the local list, I would create a structure that exactly matches the columns that your excel should have.

You'll have to write logic to combine both result sets into the local list, and the crucial thing here is that you will have to make sure to match them up right.  Do both result sets have an unique identifier in common that you can use ??


Oh, and you are right, you did not state clearly your problem in initial post ;-)