Disable Activity Release from EPA Taskbox

Disable Activity Release from EPA Taskbox

Hi Everyone,

Is there a way I can disable the "Release" activity option from the EPA Taskbox? I thought about customizing the eSpace but it's a "System eSpace"...

I am currently assigning human activities to specific users and they must not be able to close or release them before the conditions specified in the "Close On" event are satisfied.

Milton Moura
Hi Milton,

The OnClose validations will ensure that the activity is not closed if you just throw an exception there. In that case, the taskbox Close button will issue a feedback message to the user with the received exceptionMessage and just keep the activity open.

As for the Release, there is no validation related to it so, with current implementation of EPA taskbox you cannot hide away the release button. But the Release only gives the activity back to the pile so it is not effectively closed. Do you need to run those validations even in this case?



We've added a new site property that allows disabling "Release Activity" button. This is available on 5.1.4 and 5.0.4 versions of EPA.

João Neves