Decimal "Input string was not in a correct format"


After Implementing the Database Integration SDK for Informix. I am getting an error whenever i am reading an decimal from "PT" Culture(Locale), "Input string was not in a correct format". Can some one help me on the error. Wheen executing the Test the Query returning result when running as a screen i am getting this error. can some one help

Thanks in Advance.



Hi Vikram,

can you please provide more detail on how you are reading the decimal data,snaps will be good. Also post the snaps of expression widget with tested data.



Hi Vikram, 

Can you share more detail error?

In service center, monitoring > error.


Numeric data includes integer, floating-point, and fixed-point numbers. The HCL Informix GLS conversion and formatting functions represent all these numeric data types with the decimal (or mi_decimal) data type. To convert the decimal (or mi_decimal) representation to an integer or floating-point value, use a library function such as dectoint(), dectolong(), or dectodbl().

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Locale-specific dataConversionFormatting


Based on my analysis, I am having an issue with culture settings. 

My Database is in English US and my outsystems environment is in portugal setting. When i am trying get the Data from the Database, the Decimal are retrieved in EN-US Culture.


The Data are coming from the Informix Database with the English culture and query run successfully and returned the data in the View Data Option.

When i tried to bind it to the screen. I am getting an error.


The error was Input string was not in a correct format.

So i tried with the same using the SQL Component by replacing dot with comma it loaded correctly in the screen with UI Culture.

So the Data to the outsystems is expecting the Comma.

In my another environment,When i force change the Culture on the IIS .Net Globalization to PT Culture it is 

not working. When It is Invariant or US Culture it is working fine.

Regional settings of the Outsystem Server and my local machine are same. I Have attached screenshot for your reference.

So some one help How we need to pass the data to Outsystems. And how outsystems will work with different Regional settings on environment to environment.

Along with this i have attached a sample application as well. Please some one help to resolve the error.

Thanks in advance,