Section Index not showing despite presence of Section group


I am trying to apply Section Index for users to navigate through the forms. However as I put the Section Index and Section Group components inside the Tab component and published it, the section index does not seem to appear. My first hunch was that the Section Index does not detect any Section or Section Group in the vicinity because of the 4 containers that I put on top of the tab, but removing the 4 containers also did not make any difference.

I made a dummy screen just to make sure to replicate what I did to check if it was correct, and turns out the Section Group and Section Index work as intended in the other screen.

Another solution that I tried to implement was changing Section Group to 3 individual Section component but it didn't fix the problem. I also attached OML (not compile-able since the data is in another module) for inspection purposes if necessary. 

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Hi Yosua,

Look this Document about section index, maybe you find some configuration to help.

Or see this post with example .oml.


will look into it. Thank you Agno