How to display items in table of col into row reactive web app

Actually i want to display the my data  in table 2 format , please help me out how to solve this in reactive web App.

Hi Ram,

For this you need to use Advance SQL and need to use pviot for this.

Like below image

select Cost,Jan,Feb,March,April,May
  select {CostByMonth}.[Month] as val, {CostByMonth}.[Cost] as name
  from {CostByMonth}
) d
  for val in (Cost,Jan,Feb,March,April,May)
) piv

Output IS on screen

aslo you find more ways of pivot for- 


Rahul Sahu

Hello Ram,

Rahul's suggestion is good, you shall use SQL Advance widget. In case you don't wanna with that, you can fulfill it by using List widget also. In this case you have to adjust column width of each List_item so that it can fit into same row.