Barcode Scanner not working properly on APK generated

I used the Barcode & QR Scanner component available on Forge developed by OutSystems in my Mobile app.

Now when I test the app in the OutSystems Now app on my mobile it properly works.

But the same plugin is not working on the APK created.

Now I am scanning a QR code which contains a integer value (ex. 25, 26, 56,..). The plugin captures the value as text and the API to which I am sending over the scanned value expects a long integer so before sending over I am parsing the text to long integer.

The API logs give an Out Of Range error as the value that is being sent is too big.

For example when I scanned a QR code which had a integer value of 67 the value that got sent over was 



Hi Vikas,

If the value you are receiving after the scanner is a text instead of a number, already try to use a built-in action to convert from text to integer?


Hi Vikas,

I'm glad it worked, I'm always happy to be able to help. Good job Vikas =)