Survey on Reference documentation

Hi, dear community members,

In our work of making our documentation and training even more useful, we need some help from you all.

From your feedback, we know that Reference documentation is an area some of you have issues with. 

Can you reply in this thread and let us know what do you think would be the main improvement point in the Reference documentation?

Thank you

Hello Paulo,

Its a nice initiation to make documentation more helpful, I strongly appreciate it. One thing I have noticed that in most of documentation is lack of example. It will be nice if possible to add some example with proper explanation in each document. It will more helpful if there will be some tag on each doc, like #how_to_use_this_widget_to_implement_something , so that instead of looking answer in community, one can get reference of docs and implement it.



Hi Paulo,

I think we could have more detail on the reference pages, and on some topics, maybe a kind of overview with images (when justified) to be more allusive to the search. Then, we have people of all kinds of experience to research in the community, so I would suggest that there was a less technical type of introduction, to help the younger ones, or even those with more experience but who are not aware of a given subject.