Add "Others" option in Dropdown List (Reactive Web App)

Hi All,

I want to activate a textbox input if I select "Others" in dropdown.

My question is how can I add "Others" as the last option in dropdown that is not in the source entity list?

<select name="color">
    <option>pick a color</option>  
    <option value="red">RED</option> //from entity list
    <option value="blue">BLUE</option> //from entity list
    <option value="yellow">YELLOW</option> //from entity list
    <option value="others">Others</option>

Thank you!


Hi Ivan Banag ,

For to add "others" as last option.. After fetching entity records Append one row in the entity with the help of list append action with value "other", it adds the dummy data in last row which you can use as per your requirement. 

Hope this will help you.




Hi Ivan Banag,

In addition with what Poonam mentioned, I just want to attach an .oml file for reference

- You will have to define the mentioned ListAppend logic within the OnAferFetch handler action of the Source Aggregate

see this sample app 

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam

It works! thank you very much Poonam and Benjith for the solution.