Issues connecting to localhost? - disable AVG Active Surf-Shield

Hi All,

Past few weeks I have had some issues deploying to my Platform Server installed on my localhost.

I've repeated the uninstall/install process several times (as in about 8).
The Platform server was reachable everytime after the install, but after a reboot the server was unreachable.

I've eventually started disabling some parts of the system's security and ended up being able to connect after disabling (part of) AVG antivirus.
The AVG Active Surf-Shield:

After disabling this option I was able to connect without issues, even after a reboot.

Hope this helps some of you with comparible issues.
After installing the latest OSAP ( AVG was blocking debugging calls; killing my debug requests.

Just de-installed AVG; I hereby advise any of you to drop AVG if you develop in Outsystems using a Localhost Platform Server.


Very useful tip, thanks a lot!