Agile Platform 5.1 is live!

Agile Platform 5.1 is live!

Dear All,

I'm very proud to announce the general availability of the new Agile Platform 5.1. This new release was designed to address several key use case scenarios including:
  • Enable low cost custom application development for departments or small organizations;
  • Ability to quickly create departmental applications to centralize and secure dispersed data commonly housed in excel spreadsheets;
  • Swifter delivery of information-centric enterprise-class applications, reducing development time to days.
To reach this Productivity level, a new innovative IntelliWarp technology that speeds up the delivery of web apps to ‘warp’ speed has been introduced. In a matter of hours, application development teams can build a complete working web application without writing any code. You can see a live demo of it here.
As far as concerns to Application Scalability, version 5.1 has several scalability enhancements to support large enterprise web applications, including:
  • Support for multiple database catalogs or schemas, advanced database security options and data isolation schemes providing advanced control of critical data sources;
  • Enhanced server-side caching of business logic, database queries and web services providing advanced tuning options to support heavy load web applications; and
  • Built-in support for search engine optimization (SEO) using smart URLs and other techniques for driving natural web traffic and increasing page rank.
Our third goal on this new release was to reduce and simplify Learning Curve.  A new set of embedded tutorials are now available to speed adoption across enterprise development teams. Tutorials use automated prompting technology to help new developers learn to use the Agile Platform in a day or less, by walking the developer through the delivery of a full enterprise application. To assist project teams using either agile or other methods, version 5.1 now supports theautomatic generation of design documentation through new Agile Platform APIs. The free OutDoc component is available to all users of the Agile Platform and can be downloaded here.
These major features are complemented by a large number of small, but important productivity improvements aligned with the valuable feedback you gave us. You can check out all posts in this thread  or read the What’s new in the Agile Platform 5.1 datasheet, which describes in more detail all enhancements and new features in 5.1. For those of you willing to test the new scalability features and SEO Friendly URLs, please download the new technical notes here.
Finally, let me thank you all for your feedback, and extend a special thank you to all teams that worked in the Beta Program for their precious early feedback which was fundamental to achieve a top quality release.
Have fun with 5.1!

Manuel Dias

Hi Manuel,

Already downloaded, and I'm now upgrading some projects to the new release.

I would appreciate your help in finding the OutDoc component.

I would like to try it out.

Best regards,

Nuno Antunes

Hello Nuno,

You can find the OuDoc component here.

Best of luck!
Thanks Rodrigo,

Just download it and will try it out today.

Keep up the good work!


Nuno Antunes

On the launch day we've held an informal event at OutSystems and took the chance to record the demos we've done on the new features.
Meet the first demo we've done which presents how you can leverage 5.1 for Search Engine Optimization purposes.

PS: there were some minor glitches in the demo because we were using a beta version... don't worry, you won't find them in the GA version ;)
This was the second demo about how you can leverage Server Side Caching to increase the scalability of you app or shield it from a slow external system.

Hi all,

This is great indeed...but there is one feature i have seen on your next-step and now don't know if it is on this version of Service Studio...

Can you help me find it?

The feature is :

"Right-Click, and then automatically create an edit screen or a detail screen"

This was presented before, wasn't it ?

It was one of the things that really boost productivity....

For now, i'm feeling like a children that has been given a candy, and from whom the candy has been taken...

Can you help me get this candy back? (Or find it, because i do not know where it is :'-(.

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro
Hi Diogo,

Are you talking about the new IntelliWarp?
Take a look at this video to see how to use it.

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago,

that is the thing i am talking about....

But i cannot see the link to new screen items on the menu that appears when you right-click an expression on the table records...
I downloaded Service Studio just now to this laptop and now can see the links....

But this only happens after i pick an entity and drop it on the screen.

If i manually add the table records to the screen, without ever before in this espace dropped the entity on to the screen, the menu options do not appear...

Is there a reason for this?
Hi Diogo,

If I understood your scenario correctly what is happening is that, when you drag the entities on top of the screen, the entire screen is getting created by IntelliWarp for you. Therefore you get the menus that point to that screen. When you use a table record you still get some help but, as the screen already exists, IntelliWarp assumes you have already made whatever links to it you required.

Hope this helps,
This segment of the demos focuses on how you can leverage the Multiple Database Catalogs and Schemas for improved storage management and data security.


That's not quite it...

See the attached example.

I created TEST1 and TEST2 entities.

TEST1 i dropped on HomePage Screen, originating Test1_List Screen. Here, i right-click and the "Link" menus appear.
Afterwards i created WebScreen1, and dragged a TableRecords onto it, and dragged TEST1 entity to that tableRecords. The link menus still appear.
Then i created WebScreen2, and dragged a TableRecords onto it, and dragged TEST2 entity to that tableRecords. The link menus do not appear.

I can live with this, but why am i obliged to automatically create a screen before being able to use this nice menus ?

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro
In the next revision of 5.1, you will be able create a Edit or Show screen, even if you didn't use IntelliWarp to create the list screens

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra
This segment of the demo focuses on how you can generate Automated Documentation (with OutDoc) and how you can leverage that to more easily onboard a new team member or perform an architectural review.

And finally, check out the demo on IntelliWarp!

Hi Pedro,

Is there a way to download the video you've posted?

That is a really interesting video to see several times whenever i need to! =)


Hi Pedro,

I've just changed the settings in vimeo so that you can download an mp4 file for each of the videos. I do think you need to be logged in to vimeo first.
You can find the full set of videos @

All the best,
Hi again,

Just wanted to post here links to two new help sections regarding new 5.1 features.

Server Side Caching:
OutDoc's underlying API:

I'm sure you'll find these useful.

Best Regards,
   Pedro Oliveira