ListAppendAll is not getting the last record


I have a button to export data to excel. And this is the screen action that I'm using:

In The List Append All, the source is an aggregate that I have in preparation and destination is a list (created from a structure):

The aggregate (GetRegistros.List) is the same that fills this table below:

And as you can see, I have a total of 4 records.

The problem is: when i click the button to export to excel, the last record isn't in the exported file. Only 3 records are displayed.

If I go to the second page, and try to export, then all the records go to excel file. 

Can anybody help me?

Thank you so much :) 

Guys, I think that I found the problem. I found on this post that "line count" is used BEFORE the source is executed, to tell the aggregate how many lines to fetch. 

So, in my case, line count was telling to the aggregate to fetch a limited number of records and that was causing the problem with the Excel File.

I created another aggregate, which is not the source for the table but is the source for the Excel File, and it works.


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