[Data Grid] Data Grid - Show rows not expanded

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Published on 10:26 (11 hours ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 10:26 (11 hours ago) by OutSystems R&D

Hi, friends!

I'm using the data grid componente and it's a very powerfull tool.

My issue is: There is any way to show the rows automatically not expanded when we group the columns?

Take a look at the images below. 

Thank for your help


Hello Lenon Manhães,

Thanks for bringing this subject to the discussion.

DataGrid component is currently not saving configurations for the rows. I will be taking this topic to be discussed with the DataGrid team as this could be a feature to be added into the component.

In the meanwhile, could you please check the sample attached to this message?

As a workaround, you can use the sample as an example. You will need to include a Web Block containing the method that you want to collapse the rows after adding a column to the group panel. (This block is included in the sample attached)

Inside the Web Block you can see that we have a Javascript block containing a setTimeout. We need to wait for the grid to load the group panel otherwise, we will get an error. Feel free to create your own method.

Remember that by using this extended feature, the methods related to the refreshing of the groupPanel will get overwritten. Specifically, the method onRefreshed of groupPanel.

Hope this sample is useful if you need to extend DataGrid to have the rows collapsed after adding a column to the group panel.

Tiago Pereira


Thank you for your answer. That JS solve my problem for now.

Best regards!