Right way to enhance system components


     We did some enhancement to system compenont Sanitization extension which add 'N' prefix to text when build safe in clause to deal with Unicode data. 

     We do it in our DEV enviroment,but cannot deploy such changes through lifetime. 

     How to sync those changes to QAS and PRD?

     Is there any guide line to do such things?



Rather extending the existing extension and function, you should:

  1. Clone the extension
  2. And add a new function that encapsulates MssBuildSafeInClauseTextList and extend it with your logic.

If you are planning to extend a component available in the Forge, you have an alternative option and that is to become a team member, and contribute to the component directly. For system components that is not possible.



Hi Daniel,

    Thank you. 

    Is it possible to ask Outsystem team to do such minor ehancement in Sanitization  extension?

    It looks like too heavy to create a new extension for such changes.

Best Regards,

You Jun



Hi You Jun,

As they say "asking is free" so I suggest you create an idea about this on:


Don't expect that it will happen quickly, so I would go with the approach described in my previous reply.

If in the end OutSystems decides to implement your idea, than by the time that is available in the platform you can refactor out your cloned extension.