Save file action given file path not working

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I have been trying to save a binary data pdf file to my mobile device, I have specified a path to save file action in file plugin but that didn't worked then I tried creating a directory and passed the uri of directory in save file action but the file again saved in the default folder on the platform that is for android it is in tha package folder and in IOS i simply couldn't find that path given in the image

I want to save the file to an easily accessible folder in both android and IOS , I have tried many things read and tried the methods described in other forum posts but still no luck, if someone can help me please provide me the steps to achieve it and if possible a demo oml would be great.


Hi Shailesh,

Are you using File Plugin to save the file in your device?

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Rui Barradas

Hi Rui, we are also facing the same issue, we are using File Plugin and using SaveFile action to save the file but in iOS its not working. Can you please let me know the work around regarding that. 

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