[Data Grid Web] Data Grid - inherit the configuration of GridColutionAdvanced to the new row
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Hi Team,

I and our developer engineer team have a question regarding the best practices of implementation.
If anyone knows the answer, I would appreciate it if anyone could provide it with me.

When adding a new row to Data Grid, if we would like to apply to the new row the configuration of GridColumnAdvanced, how should we implement?

For example, when there is the embedded button of the row created by configuring GridColumnAdvanced configuration, the next added new row will not have the embedded button.

We would like to apply to the new row the configuration of GridColumnAdvanced, is it feasible from the viewpoint of the architecture of Data Grid Component?

Best regards,
Hisako Ito

Hello Hisako Ito

Thanks for bringing this subject to the discussion. We will create an issue about this and address it on the next release.
For now we have a workaround that might help you.

In the attached OML, inside the Grid web screen, there is a script containing the workaround.

It is important to remind that for this to work you need to define a DefaultTitle on the AdvancedColumn otherwise the button will have no name.

 Please let us know if this workaround solves your issue or if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Gabriel Lundgren


Hi Gabriel-san,

Thank you so much for your kind explanation.
Since it seems to in the middle uploading your sample oml, I will confirm your suggested workaround after completed uploading.

Best regards,
Hisako Ito

It seems there is something wrong. Attempting to upload once again.


Hello Gabriel-san,

I really appreciate your kindness.
Unfortunately, it seems to in the middle of uploading yet...
I have wait for finishing uploading from this morning(at Japan), is there any issue on this form?

Best regards,
Hisako Ito


Hi Gabriel and Hisako-san,

I've already reached out the forum team, to see what might be causing the OML to be hanging.

Hold on! :)

Hello everyone, sorry for the issue happening here. 

While the team is trying to analyze the issue let me try and share with you the file Gabriel kindly shared. I was able to share it in another forum thread so if it's still not possible here this might be more complex than anticipated.

In case this does not work, please try this link and let me know if you can successfully open the module :)


Thank you Cristiana!

Hi Gabriel-san, Ruben-san and Cristiana-san

I really appreciate all of your kindness, thank you so much again!
Since I can get the purpose sample oml file from a link attached from Cristiana-san, so I will start to analysis the oml.

Best regards,
Hisako Ito

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