This is my booking screen

As you can see there are multiple rooms booked, checked out, canceled, & Checked in.But my homepage is showing somewhat different output.

This is what I've done.

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Hi Sahil,

change the GetStatuses.List.Current.Status.Order


GetStatuses.List.Current.Status.Label or GetStatuses.List.Current.Status.Description

I think that "Label/Description" is the text that you need.


Hi Sahil, 

In Your Aggregates Group by The Status Attributes And Using Count Function At Count The Id Value  

Need More Information 

Check This Link


STATUS- Group by,

Hi Sahil,

I'm not exactly sure about your question, but I guess your concern is getting wrong count for Booked room? In that case you shall use Count(runtime property) of aggregate like below. Check if your aggregate looks like snap.

Hope it helps!