Is it possible to ask for a PIN number before running the delete action?

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Yomarie Hichez

Hi Yomarie Hichez ,

What is mean for Pin number.

you can do it only you will need to open a confirmation message before delete.



Hello Rahul, 

What I'm trying to do is to activate the delete action only if the user enters a correct PIN number, this in order to not let everybody to use the button. A confirmation message can only display a message or can ask for an input?  I'm building a reactive web app.


Hi Yomarie,

Why you dont use IF widget based on role if user have ability to delete (Based on role) then show button else not show.

it is best way rather than ask pin on every delete action.

I have attched oml , and provided both way find it 

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Rahul Sahu


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Thank you very much Rahul Sahu! 

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Rahul Sahu