Data lost when passing from parent to popup with widget_click

Hello All,

I am trying to pass the data (record not saved into storage yet) from parent and display in popup. Currently I have a popup being hidden beside the clickable link in my screen so that when I click the clickable link it will serialize the list and then widget_click inside the action triggers the link to open popup. 

Code: I have set the clickable link to Ajax Submit in order to make the popup shows up without re-rendering the screen and also I have set the hidden link to Navigate as it acts as normal link to popup.

Issue: I have checked the data and the data was able to be serialized successfully. But it sends no serialize data to the popup. Any clue on this?

Hi Junior,

I have tried to implement the mentioned Use-case and based on my multiple experiments, I think you won't be able to pass the dynamically created serialized value as the Popup screen input parameter value on the click of the showPopup link, instead store the serialized value in the session variable and refer the same session variable in the Popup screen preparation action flow.

Please see the attached .oml solution file

See the sample app

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam