How to Make the form read only once it is submitted



 I have a from inside a web block and in main screen i m giving two links Veg and non veg, when person clicks on veg , it should display the veg web block and if non veg it should display non veg web block. so when user open veg , he will be able to see the from with the submit and cancel button,once the user filled all the fields of the form and give submit , it should save the data and in main screen the person should able to see the form he filled , but it should be only in read able format.

So,my question is ,How to display the form in a readable way once the user submit it

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Harshita Sharma 

Hi Harshita,

there is many way you can do it.

1.Create a detail screen and nevigate to user in this screen once item save and detail screen should have InputParameter of entity type which get data baseed on id

2. Take on Boolean type variable set is true default and bind with input property Enabled and once click on submit set is false then you form is read only mode.

Hope this will help you.


Rahul Sahu

Hi Harshita,

If you are developing your app using traditional module, you can use Rahul's suggestion to disable form based on a boolean variable. In reactive, you have to disable all the widgets of form manually using that boolean variable.

You can want to control the form's behaviour based on Role, you can implement it using If condition(for Reactive, you will have to use Jscript to check role in screen).