Hai All

I Am Using Chat In My Application But The Only Show 5 records Remaining Will Not Show 

I will Share The Images For Your Ref

Hi Selva,

you'll have to give us more information.  How on earth can we know what's wrong with just the resulting chart?

Show the data in your entity

Show the query you use to retrieve, with query result

Show definition of chart in Service Studio, what properties ?

This Is chart 

This My table data

Selva bharath wrote:

This Is chart 

This My table data


 Hi Selva,

Do you mean out of 6, Employee data is missing to display n the chart?

Yes Sir

Hi Selva, can you share that oml if you are not maintaining any sensitive data.


ok, so table record with Id 8 is missing, so you haven't shown what your GetEmployee aggregate is doing.  When you create an aggregate and the entity has an IsActive field, this is by default used as filter.  So maybe your employee record has IsActive False ?  

It must be something with your aggregate, can you show ?