Mobile app in browser returns aggregate is not a function

Hi guys,

I've been getting errors that prevent me from accessing my mobile app via chrome web browser. So far on mobile devices, this doesn't cause errors but the browser version is used mainly to present app developments while in a conference with stakeholders, so it's critical.

The errors on Service Center are the following:

[ErrorScreen] AppAggregates.executeMainFlow_Phone_WebBlock26$Block$getAttributeAnualCentralsAggr is not a function

TypeError: AppAggregates.executeMainFlow_Phone_WebBlock26$Block$getAttributeAnualCentralsAggr is not a function

The aggregate has an On After Fetch action to process the information, in this particular case, the information is only used on a dropdown (v11). 

I've also grouped the data by Id and Name which are the only attributes I need but the error persists.

Any idea of what might be causing this error?

Hi Mario,

I had the same problem time ago, I still don't know the reason, but what I did to solve was the following:

  • Go to Service Center
  • Select Monitoring and then Error tab
  • In the Error log, you should see the errors you described above, click in detail
  • In detail, if you look with attention you will find the name of the aggregate where the error is coming from
  • Go back to your module and select that aggregate, do ctrl+x and then ctrl+v
  • Update the needed references and save

This will create new internal references and hopefully solve your problem.

Hope it helps!

Miguel Chaparra

Hey Miguel,

Thanks for the reply.

That is what I have been doing while debugging but does not solve the problem. It happens every day, multiple times per day on multiple aggregates. 

I noticed this became an issue when Outsystems started using Local Storage but I can't quite figure out a pattern for this behavior. 


Hi @Mario Andrade .

I am facing this same problem.
Have you ever solved it?

Thank you.



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