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Hello friends!

I have a situation is a small register, and I saw that when I change the register the date field does not change, and in this case this is great, but I would like that another field called time also does not change, there is the possibility of define in the Run Server Create or Update which fields I would like to update or not? 


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If possible, please share the oml so that we can understand the exact issue where your encountering the date time issue


I don't know if I understood your question well, so I come to ask for more details.

Now as I understand it, you have a set of fields that you want in run time you can tell if they are changed or not. If this is the case then you can create for example a check box in front of each field, or have a screen next to the configuration with all the existing fields and then save the configuration in a table ... but speaking of the simplest case, in front of each field has a check box to say whether the field can be changed or not, this check box is associated with a variable also boolean, in the attribute of the input parameter that you want to be editable or not, instead of setting true or false, you put this Boolean variable, and depending on whether it is a value the field will be editable or not.

I hope this can help you