[OutSystems UI] Stacked Card with Variable List and Reactive Application
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I'm trying to use the Stacked Card component with a list variable and appending values dinamically.

But, the component behavior is a little bit strange, It's ignoring the properties, on click or swipe refresh itself. 

Am I doing something wrong?

I attached a sample module.


Hi Leandro,

It seems you missed to upload the attachment.


Swatantra Kumar wrote:

Hi Leandro,

It seems you missed to upload the attachment.

 It's showing to me and I did download too.


I'm getting 502 Bad Gateway message. :(


Hi Leandro Correa.

The StackedCardsUpdate action recalculates the dimensions for the cards and rebuilds the stack.

To accomplish you use-case, the aggregate should be filtered (let's say by IsActive), the swipe action updates this value.
When you click to add an element to the list, the aggregate should be refreshed and the stack rebuilt.

In your sample, since you are not removing elements from the source list, on swipe, the stack will be the same as in the beginning.

Try the following, on swipe left:

Hope this helps.


Hi Rui, thanks for answer.

My target is use the Stacked Cards with a variable list and add items dinamically from a user action.

So, I guess that is the problem and unexpected behavior. 

If I don't use the StackedCardsUpdate action, nothing happens, just show me the current item, but there is no swipe behavior.

And when I use, the properties like StackedOptions, ElementMargins has no effect.

As it is a reactive application, wasn't the component expected to reflect the updates of the variable?

Or am I implementing the inverse of the component's functionality, where it must be started with items and from the swipe action the items are removed?

Best regards,


Hi Leandro Correa.

If the idea is to add items to the stack, the StackedCards must be redrawn, so you need to use the action to do so.

This is the inverse of the default use-case of the pattern, but you can try and use the ListInsert (instead of ListAppend) and have the new item appear as first and redraw the stack.


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