Setting default OutsystemsUI elements for application

We are new to reactive web and are setting up our first application.   I'm noticing that when I create a new UI module many of the OutsystemsUI elements are not available by default.   For example, under the adaptive flow only Columns2 and Columns3 are available and if I want more I have to update the dependencies.

Is there a way to set which UI flow elements we want for all modules in that application?   So when a new module is created it will inherit that configuration and we do not always have to remember to update the dependencies and bring everything in?

Also, I may be missing this but are there no longer accelerators that create tables that include pagination and search functionality automatically?  

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

*edit I should point out that Outsystems created a custom theme/template for us during a UI/UX engagement.   These missing elements only happen when we create an application using the Reactive Template.

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For your first question regarding adaptive pattern, you can try updating the OutsystemsUI module dependencies by following the below mentioned:

For your second question, Please check your OS version to be upto date.

Also, Check any updates (You will see the notification icon like below)

By following these steps, you can even see the predefined templates and pagination features etc....

Let us know, if yo are still facing any issues.

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Hi Josh,

For your first question, whatever is in the template as far as dependencies is concerned, will also be in the modules that are created based on it.  So I think, just fixing the template to have what you regularly  will use as a developer should fix that.  I imagine that maybe the people making the template wanted to narrow down the options of column setups on purpose to avoid widgets being used that don't fit into the desired look and feel, and have been a bit too strict with it.

For your second question, don't know exactly what you are looking for, but in Reactive, for example just dragging a entity onto the canvas of a screen will create a table with aggregate, pagination and sort logic.


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Same Service Center here, my personal environment


Don't know what to tell you Josh, when I change my template and publish it, next new module sees the changes.  For example, initially I had left out some columnxx widgets, later added them, they are immediately available in my new modules based on that template.


Agree, no search box, but pagination comes automatic when I do this.  Maybe some other parameters, like the type of entity dragged, influences this ????  Alternatively, you could drag entity to a ui flow, that will scaffold list and detail screen, that list has all the whistles and bells.

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good luck.

If you ever find out what was causing this, please share