I don't know how to create a database with image property.


This is the first time I use Outsystems to work and I am researching this.

I have a problem with "How to create a database with an image property?". So can you give a template database or a link about this for me!!!

I learned an example (Image, Filename, Filetype) but I don't know how to add an image in that.

Please help me!!!

Thank you a lot.

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Hi Thanh Dat,

for an image stored in the database you can use an entity-attribute with type Binary Data.
You can use for example the upload widget to store an image into the database.
Let me know if you need some help with that.

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Hai Thanh Dat 

Jeroen Vormer Statement Is Correct Try This Only Store The Binary Values

WellCome OutSystems 

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