Unable to open OutSystems on OS Catalina - "xxxxx.asset" cannot be opened


I've already tried installing and reinstalling OutSystems for Catalina twice now, but each time the installation is complete and I try to launch the software, I get a whole bunch of these errors popping up saying "xxxxx.asset" cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. I went to Security & Privacy settings and clicked "Open Anyway" but all this does is open the file in a Finder window - it doesn't actually allow the software to open those files. 

I tried just clicking cancel on the popup boxes but there are just too many of them. Please help!

Hi Joey, 

Just to make sure that you know this exists and describes your problem. If so,

Have you checked that you don't have any other Service Studio version on your mac?

Is the Service Studio version the one available for download in the article above?

You have the app security settings configured as "App Store and identified developers"?

If even after this and the guidance on the article I shared you still have issues, I'd recommend you contact OutSystems Support as this might be a different issue and will need deeper analysis.