Getting Started with OutSystems for .NET, Java, SQL and Front-End Developers

Hi all, and welcome to OutSystems. We hope you will have an amazing journey with us, and we're here to help you every step of the way!

Today, ITUp - one of our great OutSystems Global Training Partners - in collaboration with OutSystems has launched 3 new "Getting Started" courses to add to our previous "OutSystems for .NET Developers" course.

As such, if you're starting out with OutSystems and you have previous development experience on any of these languages, these short courses will help map the languages, frameworks and experience in them with the corresponding aspects of OutSystems so that when you go through the normal training you'll be better able to relate it to what you already know, and get up to speed faster and better!

Hope these are good starting points for you all, and we all look forward to getting your feedback and seeing the great things you come up with!


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Great Paulo,

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Great initiative, well done!

Can I suggest the course for PHP developers too? 

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Ricardo M Pereira

Good news, thanks 

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Thanks Sri - hope they're helpful!