Pre-configured Amazon EC2 Templates

Pre-configured Amazon EC2 Templates

It seems that outsystems has started to support cloud computering services such as Amazon EC2 (
Are there plans to offer AMI templates that have been pre-configured by outsystems? 
Pre-configured Amazon EC2 templates would include 3 AMI
  • FrontEnd Server
  • Database Server 
  • Deployment Server
To use them the client would simply boot up the required template image, and install the necessary software, license key etc..

Hi Robert,

Indeed we have a new offer for development in the Amazon cloud with the Agile Platform. With this offer you get a server ready for development in a few minutes and pay as you go, according with the number of hours you use it (hardware + software included). Go ahead and test it! Just sign up in and follow the instructions.

Regarding your question about EC2 AMIs pre-configured by OutSystems, there are no plans in the short term to deliver them, but I'm sure they will exist in time.

Meanwhile, you can use the Community Edition AMI for that purpose. This AMI already has the Agile Platform installed and running. All you have to do, is launch several instances of this AMI, upload your license, and reconfigure them to be a Front-End or a Deployment Server.

Hope this helps,

Rodrigo Castelo
Hi Rodrigo

Thanks, Ive launched the AMI you mention in your post, and tested them out however its 32bit only? no 64bit (large instance)?

Hi Robert,

Yes, there are no 64-bit AMI.

But you can launch a 64-bit AMI and install CE in it. All you have to do is run the installer in it.


Hi Robert,

Yes, you can do that. Just beware Community Edition does not install and configure the Windows Message Queues required by the Enterprise Edition.

Also, such configuration is only allowed in the Professional and Enterprise Editions. Both the Community and the Basic Edition only allow you to have 1 server both to serve end-user requests and have the deployment engine.

I suggest you follow the Platform Server installation checklist to be sure all steps are fulfilled.