EnterpriseManager: backoffice application height

EnterpriseManager: backoffice application height


There is something wrong with my backoffice screens that were imported to Enterprise Manager.
The iframe height is always too short, and I can't see the complete screen. It even doesn't show scrollbars..

There must be something already done for this, I just don't know what.
I've searched the forum but didn't find anything.

Can someone give me a tip on this?

What is the version of Enterprise Manager that you're using?

I think it was the last before v5.1
We did some fixes regarding the Enterprise Manager frame height in 5.1, but I can't know for sure if it fixes your specific problem or not
Ok, I will try 5.1 and check if the problem is solved.

But, with previous versions, is there something that can be done to automatically set the iframe height of a backoffice screen?

I've upgrade the platform to 5.1 and EnterpriseManager Solution to 5.1.2, and still have the same problem.

After the second textbox I have another 2 textboxes and 2 buttons. But, the frame height is too short, and I can only see half of the form.
Do I need to do anything on my eSpace Screen or at Enterprise Manager to fix this? 

If I navigate to another page, like "Advanced > Languages" and them go back to this page the problem is fixed, and I can see all the form fields. 
Hi Carlos,

Are your pages using standard style guide header blocks?
If not please assure you are at least using RichWidgets\Scripts_Header in all your backoffice pages.

Tiago Simões
Thanks Tiago.

I was missing RichWidgets\Scripts_Header, now it works fine.

Thanks :)