I have an app in which i have more than 4 to 5 pages, 1st pages redirects to 2nd and this goes on ,and all pages are with input parameters. Also have recursive redirection in some of pages with input parameters (its more like product detail page ,showing details of product at the top and below it showing list of other similar product,so whenever using click on that similar product lands on the same page but with details of that product and with below list of other related products to it).
Whenever, i am using previous Logic for back button , it work for some of the page but mostly not in page which has some logic while rendering that page.
Also in some cases back button with previous, keeps looping between two pages.
Is there any  plugin for back redirection or any alternate way to do this.

Hi Divyesh,

If all the pages are linked sequentially, then why don't you link the back button to the actual screen (Ex: Mainflow\Screen2, etc) rather than using "(Previous screen)" to link?