Unintentional swipe back in mobile ios


It seems that OutSystems has some underlying logic that handles screen swipe right as a previous screen action. I did not program this (intentionally at least). 

The behavior also seems a bit buggy. The App renders the screen twice.

Where is the logic behind this functionality, and is it a default behavior in IOS, or did I program it by accident? The only thing that I programmed was a "slide from right" transition.

This video shows the behavior I am describing. I navigate to the next screen by clicking the list item, and then I swipe right, and it navigates back to the previous screen but renders it twice.

EDIT: The video disappears when I click submit... I'll leave a link to it 


Hello Daniel, 

I am not sure if I get your point. But the only thing that I now that exist in mobile by default it is when you are using tabs, the swipe allow you to go to the next or previous tab. Can be this that it is happening to you?

The screen that you are showing is using tabs?

If yes, the bets will be change the component and start to use button group instead. 

I also find this but I never tried: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/41677/mobile-removing-event-listener-on-tab-widget/ .

Hi  Daniel,

I found this post since I'm having the same problem with some screens and can't find the pattern why some swipe back and others don't. 

Already tried to block this behaviour by using the Swipe Events widget but with no success.

Have you found the reason for this?


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