[XML Records] CSV dll included on extension
Forge component by Afonso Carvalho


First of all, thanks for the extension, we've been using it for years and in a lot of projects.

I just wanted to raise an attention point, the extension includes a CSV DLL which may conflict with the CSV extension. We had this issue, which caused errors at runtime, since the espaces would start using the csv dll on this extension, instead of the dll on compiled with the real CSV extension.

Besides that, everything works great.

Best Regards,

Bruno Lourenço


Hi Bruno,

Thank you for the interest. This has been a group effort from a lot of members of the community, with over a decade of time now.

I'm going to look into this - not sure why there would be anything related with CSV within the Extension.

Hello Afonso,

Thank you for keeping the support on this component.

I see that a new version was released,  however I checked and the CSV reference is still included on the project. 

Best regards,

Bruno Lourenço


Hello Bruno,

Thank you for the reminder. I'm going to be honest with you and tell you that while I started investigating this, I had to drop it. With the Trusted Component procedure, instead of working with the local copy I was investigating, I worked on the 1.6.7 version that was carrying this issue, and that was the basis for 1.6.8 that got marked as Trusted.

I will resume working on this, and hopefully 1.6.9 ends up a little better.

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