Account Authorization between eSpace Applications

Account Authorization between eSpace Applications

Minor Issue: Single sign-on.

User logins into eSpace1, the user is authenticated and granted access.
User clicks on a menu link via eSpace1, eSpace1 redirects user to webscreen page located in eSpace2.

(at this stage the application should automatically sign in the user to eSpace2, since he has already logged in  via eSpace1, however the user is prompted a second time to login eSpace2).

Anyone else notice this?

Note: Both eSpaces is using EnterpriseManager as the user provider.
Hi Robert,

1. Did you set the default of eSpace2?
You might be forcing a login somehow

2. Is this occurring in IE too?
I know Firefox tends to ask for a login without doing a real pass-through login;.
I believe this is a setting for FF by the way; so you might want to look into that.