Translation on mobile (PWA) is not always executed

Hi all, we developed PWA where we have problems with translating the the labels and texts.

Situation is as follows: On the Home page we have some texts that are shown unconditionally.

The texts have Attribute property data-trans set to a value that is present in resource "translation.json".

When the application launches the translation from the json is found and displayed on the screen.

Navigating further into the app shows also the translated texts on the next screen. So far so good, but when using the previous screen button from the Common\Menuicon in the header and we return back on the Home screen the text is not translated. In the bottom we have also a Home button and when press that from the home screen it retrieves the translations. I can't figger out why the back button < from the top menu (action contains only the native {Start} - {Previous Screen} widgets.

Strange thing is that it occurs randomly (at least i did not find a pattern yet), sometimes the translation on the target screen works perfect when using the < button. But as i said sometimes not.

Any help would be appreciated.