Not using a PWA app for a while results in "database has been closed" error

Hi all,

We developed a PWA app and when we run it on iOS mobile we notice that if you don't use the app for a while (approx. 10 minutes) it says "x database has been closed".

We would like to have the app 'pick up' the connection again when app becomes active again. Is there a way you configure auto-connect from the app to the local storage?

Or any other suggestion is welcome.


Hi Auke Quist 

We are having same issue. Did you manage to solve the problem? 

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Hi Nick,

We created a ticket towards OS. And they advised us to upgrade the OS platform to 11.9.0, because PWA is only supported with Platform Server 11.9 or later. We are currently in the progress of doing that. Anyway on our TEST system we upgraded already to see if the message disappeared. And yes that's true but since that upgrade we ran into other issues like that the app became unresponsive.

To solve that we are as we speak in contact with OS to solve that issue too. No solution yet but we remain positive.

BR Auke