Reactive web - paste into date input field

I have a form that includes a date input.   This works fine if the user types their date or if they click the picker to select a date.  I have a user that is asking to paste a date value into the input field vs typing or selecting.

In traditional web this works fine, but I find that in reactive web when I attempt to paste nothing happens.   If I right click paste is not available and if I hit Ctrl-V again nothing happens.   I am able to paste into a text input box, I just cannot paste into a date input.

Any suggestions?

Hi, Josh.

This "date input" that you are using... is that a DatePicker widget with a text input? 

Hi Josh,

Yeah, it's true, nothing happens! I suggest you to open a topic inside the OutSystems UI forge support tab.

Maybe you'll need to implement some javascript code to assign the value in memory to the variable.

Best regards,


I found a work around, if I make the input field text  with the date picker linked to that field I can paste into it.  It's clunky but it works for what I need.