Changes to the Agile Network

Hi everyone!

It's with great pleasure that, with the launch of 5.1, we also launch some new changes to the community.

When you now navigate the Agile Network, you will most likely notice that the top menus have changed. Following your suggestions and remarks, we tried to redesign the navigation of the Agile Network in order to ensure that you have a better experience altogether, while not having to re-learn your way around it.


As of today, instead of the "TechCenter" tab we now have dedicated tabs for "Forums" and "Downloads", and they are the first two tabs since they are the most active areas in the Agile Network. The "Downloads" section gives you access to the Components section, and also to downloads of the Agile Platform and related documents that you may be searching for.

Finally, the "OutPartner" tab was renamed to "Partner Area", and the customer "Administration" tab was renamed to "Customer Area".

Hopefully these small changes will help you feel more at home at the Agile Network.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares