Graduating to an "Associate Developer" (and above)

I've been looking at the certification tree and requirements, and I was curious: how does one become certified if you are a "lone developer" like I am? I've been working on a fairly complex application and I am certain that I at least qualify for "Professional Developer" status, but without working within a larger organization with someone above me to certify the work, I have no way of getting certified.

Any suggestions? I would gladly work as a consultant/freelancer on a project with someone in order to have a higher level person certify me. Indeed, I would be very happy if anyone has any work for a consultant/freelancer doing work with the Agile Platform in general (which is why I am looking at my certification).


Hi Justin,

i can remember two options to be Certified as Professional Developer.

One is, as you said, working as consultant/freelancer in a project with someone certified.

The other is applying to the Professional Developer Exam (you have to have at least two projects developed with the Agile Platform), and that's it (Pass the exam of course :) ).

Feel free to contact the training ( team, although i believe someone will come here to detail the process ;)

Thanks! Good to know about the alternate route.