I can't figure out how to handle "There was an error processing your request"

I got the error "There was an error processing your request " when I opened the app in browser.

I checked the error log in Service center.But I'm not sure...  The log is below.

Do you have any ideas ?

I'd appreciate it if you could tell me the cause and what's my next move.

I look forward to your reply.


In bold, it says: registered role required.

This means you are trying to open a page that requires you to be logged in, and you are not. Normally, you should automatically be redirected to the login screen in that case.

But it seems the login screen is the issue. You may have disabled anonymous access on your login screen, in which case you end in a dead-end. The login screen in your common flow should always be allowed anonymous access, otherwise noone will be able to login to your application.

Hi Tsubasa,

Try setting "Users" as user provider for your module. 


Hello Tsubasa,

Just an addition to Tim's answer, when you create a Screen, you have only the Registered role selected by default.

Depending on you want to accomplish, these roles define who can and cannot access to your screen.

If only the Registered role is ticket, you need to be logged in and have a valid session in order to access the screen. So you should use the User_Login server action from Users module (assuming that you have this Users module selected as your User Provider):

Otherwise, if you tick the Anonymous role for that screen, it means that anyone will be able to access to your screen (and it is not necessary to have a valid session).

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas