Problem to implement a forge app

I'm trying to implement a forge application called "Event Calendar". 

I replicated the entities and the screens, but I have some problems that I don't know how to solve.

1. The description field on my screen does not appear the information that I registered in my app, but the information I made in the forge app "CALENDAR"

2. So, I can't drag and drop to the table.

I already checked the entities and screens in my module, and apparently they are correctly associated.

Can you help me?

Attached my app file

Best Regards, 

Jessica Marques. 

Hi Jéssica, 

The screenshot got me a bit confused, what I understood the problem is: The "Machado de Assis" and "teste" text on the left side are the ones from the Event Calendar Forge app. 

If that's the problem you are facing, I can see that the web block is a reference to the EventList WB in EventCalendar module. This means that what matter is which entities that web block is using and those are from the Event Calendar app.

This is the Preparation of the EventList WB

Which is using the Events entity from the EventCalendar module:

In order to make this work you have two options:

- Use the Events entity from the EventCalendar app and this will be where all event data will be saved and updated.

- Copy the EventList web block and make it use the Events entity from your CORE module.

Just a note for any changes you might do to Events Calendar app: Forge components should be seen as code to be extended and not modified directly. This will enable easier updates whenever there's a fix or new features from the component owners.

Another thing I noticed, there are a lot of unused references to several databases and UI screens that can difficult a simple task as understanding why the data is not right. I'd recommend you remove those and check if you are using the right dependencies :)