How to define ECT Mappings in ANP?

How to define ECT Mappings in ANP?

I want to configure ECT in such a way that I can allow the key users for my project to use ECT, and that their feedback will be added to the issue list in ANP for that project. I have installed ECT, I enabled the integration in EM, I tested the network subscription successfully, I created a rule that specifies which eSpace is applicable for which ECT users, and I found the screen in ANP where ECT Mappings are shown.
However, how can I define in ANP (or in EM or Service Center?) which ECT Rule belongs to which project in ANP?  I expected something like a link Create New Mapping in ANP but it’s not there.

Hi Annemarie,

Configuring the ECT integration with ANP is a distinct operation than defining the ECT Rules. When ECT integration to ANP is set, your defined rules will be applied on your applications.

And how do we define the ECT integration with ANP? The eSpaces, which ECTs are submitted from a specific server of a Company’s infrastructure (with a specific Serial Number and Activation Code), will be automatically available for mapping in the ANP Projects owned by the same Company, in ECT Mappings page (Setup » ECT Mappings). However, the eSpaces will only be listed for mapping after submitting some ECTs.

Please note that:
 - ECT integration with ANP is only available in Team Plus Edition of the Agile Network;
 - After submitting ECTs, the issues are not immediately created. Due to the related Timers execution, it will take about 1 hour until they are displayed in Issues list;
 - You can map severel eSpaces from the same server into distinct ANP Projects, but the same eSpace cannot be mapped at the same time in more than one Project.

Best regards,
Cláudia Carpinteiro