Updates on OutSystems UI Documentation - August

Hi all!

After some deserved vacations for some elements of our team, we are back with a new fresh from the oven batch of Reactive/Mobile patterns. These are all new and have detailed how-tos on how to implement these patterns. This week we have:

We hope these are useful to you!

Check them out and provide us with feedback by giving a thumbs up/down. It really matters for us.

You can also send us written feedback or propose changes by editing them via GitHub.

"See you" all next week!


Hi Paulo,

can I make a suggestion !? In reactive the time part of the date picker does not work well, and even the date picker itself has some problems. I have already reported these behaviors to the OutSystems R&D staff. I think it would be useful to remove this component from the reactive until its problems are not fixed. As we see here on the forum many colleagues complaining about the date picker in reactive, including me, I had problems and had to do a workaround on it.