What is the best pattern to use for gathering financial information


I am currently using Reactive Web to create a financial application that will be used for customer facing. I have completed the login portion of the web application and wanted to get some advice on the items below.

1. Since I will be accepting customer information i.e. SS#, Phone number.... Would it be best to create the financial application module in traditional web or Reactive Web should be okay. I am thinking Reactive would be okay but wanted to get someone else opinion. 

2. When it comes to customers filling out their financial application, in your opinion, what would be the best OutSystems pattern used to retrieve this information? For example, I was thinking of having 3 tabs that are labeled... Personal information, Financial information and Documentation i.e. electronic signing of financial agreements if approved. I would like something that would be friendly to mobile phones as well.

Thanks in advance for your input. 

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1. Reactive will work here - one thing to keep in mind is that do you plan on providing customers with the ability to have resumptive flow? If so you will need some GUID to authenticate users as they enter the flow and direct them to the correct spot if returning to the page.

2. 3 tabs would work, we have used a Wizard widget in the past for our Customer onboarding screens, the only concern with tabs is the size of the screen may begin to get too large if you decide to expand the fields included in the form - if you keep it to the current size you've stated above that will definitely not be an issue, though.

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