Help Us Spread the Word about OutSystems!

Help Us Spread the Word about OutSystems!

Hi everyone!

Two announcements in a row seems like a lot, but this one needed to have a separate post for it.

Following the amazing feedback we got from many of you during the NextStep event and the way that our community is growing, we thought it was time for us to ask your help to spread the word about OutSystems (in the way you felt most comfortable with).

We know that many of you like OutSystems, and you are also involved in communities, forums, have blogs, tweet, use Facebook, LinkedIn, read blogs, and much more.

So, we created a page called Help Us Spread the Word, and added a button in the Agile Network’s homepage that will take you to this new page (which you most likely have noticed already).

Why have we created this page?

First of all, we wanted to make it real easy for you to "share the love":  you can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, use OutSystems images to let others know about it... Soon we'll also have our own t-shirt store for those of you who want to catch an Agile tan during the summer as well!

Second, because we know that our fans and supporters are the best way to help the community grow. Thanks for your help and support!  So, if you feel that someone you know would also like OutSystems, let them know. You'll surely be helping them have more fun while developing their web applications!

Finally, if what we’ve put on that page is not enough, or you need something else, let us know and we'll try to get it there for you to use.

Cheers, and go spread the word!

Paulo Tavares