Hello All,

I have an issue with upload widget in reactive web application.

I am creating a records which consist document field.When i try to open the existing record to edit i am not getting loaded the content which is already there in table.

When i try to update the existing record which consists document, it says invalid value because content is not available in upload widget.(Here upload widget set as mandatory.)

If i upload the file again i am getting the content and record getting updated.

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Hi Asif,

Can you share with us some prints of your code or maybe an OML file to be easier to help you?


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Ricardo M Pereira


It is perhaps a silly idea, but have you tried putting a 2 second delay / sleep for example to see what happens? It seems that it takes time to load. Being reactive he should update immediately when he realizes he has new parameters, but I don't know how the page is set up. You can also try to build a logic similar to this (attention, it wouldn't be exactly like that, you would have to make adaptations):