Integration Studio Information

Integration Studio Information


Everytime I open an extension with Integration Studio I get this information popup:

Shouldn't this appear just one time? Whys does it say everytime that will do an upgrade process?

The extension was saved and published with IS, and I'm opening it with the same version..

Hi Carlos

You've seem to have bumped into a minor glitch of Integration Studio. We've detected in both Integration Studio 5.0 and 5.1 latest revisions patches, and it's just a annoyance popup message every time you open the extension in Integration Studio, but no changes will be performed on the extension.

So the impact is negligible.

The OutSystems R&D is already on top of this problem, and I believe it will be fixed in the upcoming revision patches of both Integration Studio 5.0 and Integration Studio 5.1.


Miguel Simões João