Camera Plugin working as Browse button for PWA apps

Hi Team

I have created ToDo application and distributed it as PWA in my machine(laptop).  During working on PWA, when I clicked on Take Picture it opened me to browse image from system instead of opening camera of my laptop. The camera plugin I have downloaded it from Forge. Please suggest solution for this. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Vivek,

I think that is the expected behaviour if you test your PWA in a desktop browser.

A PWA is tend to run on a mobile device like the iOS or Android app you can generate with OutSystems. It is not targeted to run on a desktop other than the OutSystems mobile previewer.

Running OutSystems mobile apps/PWA in desktop browsers is not being officially supported by OutSystems, so think twice about this if you intend to run this in en Enterprise production environment.

If you run the PWA on a mobile device it should open the camera. At least that is how it works on my smartphone.



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Hi guys.

I'm awaiting to solve the same problem.


HTML5 Media inputs are not implemented by any Desktop browsers as yet, and hence it opens file open dialog.

This is expected behavior with no work around yet.