Effective URL - additional slash

Hi there, my team in prod environment unintentionally set the effective URL with URL that ends with '/' (like: https//exampleapi_dev.com/ instead of https//exampleapi_dev.com), is it okay?

thanks and regards

It all depends if your application can handle it. If you first perform some actions to make sure the provided URL is in the correct format (and perhaps stripping or placing the "/" when needed) then it wouldn't matter. But if you application doesn't do that because you assume a certain format you will run into issue since your URL with the trailing slash will be available as specified in your application. 

But since I personally like consistency, even if my app is able to perform certain validations and repairs, I would still request the team to correct the URL to make is similar as on all other environments.





Yes, there is no problem. You just have to make sure that if you use this URL as an initial part of another URL, make sure that when you unite them, the other does not start with a slash. Besides, you don't have any kind of problem.