End of carousel should trigger action

Good morning.

We are working with the Carousel widget. There is an outside list that passes variables to the webblock that contains the carousel.What I would like to achieve is when the end of the carousel is reached that I trigger the list to go to the next item if there is. Obviously the reverse is true. When reaching the beginning it should go one item back in the list if there is.

A colleague suggested looking at different components in SILK UI like the wizard. Please let me know if you have any advice.



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Hi Jean,

For your issue you can put your carousel inside a container and in "On Click" of the container call the action, where first you need to check the whether you reach at the end of the list or not this can be done with the help of list's length and list's current row number, then put a check for the condition that you mentioned above. 

If your condition satisfy then call another list else don't do any changes into the list.

Hope this helps you